Poetry Club Meeting Minutes from September 13

I want to thank our club for such a great turnout today!  Here are the highlights of what we discussed for everyone who could or could not attend!

  • Our blog is up and running!  You can now subscribe to update for our blog via email—just click on the link “subscribe by email” and enter your email address.  When you get the confirmation email, click on it to activate your email subscription.  You will then get an update each time I post something to the poetry blog.  🙂
  • We talked about color poems—-please get your color poem to me by September 28 at the very latest.  Ms. McCloskey’s art students will create artistic interpretations of your poems.  We will create an art gallery that features your poem and the artistic interpretation of it!
  • We are working on scheduling a guest poet for our October meeting.  Stay tuned!
  • We will be hosting weekly discussions of poems via our blog.  If you have a poem you would like the group to discuss, see me, and we’ll make it our “poem of the week”.  Our “poem of the week” post will give us a chance to meet online and talk about poems.  🙂  The point of this activity is not to critique a poem, but rather for you to have a space to share your responses to a poem.
  • The afternoon group suggested we try to do a monthly poetry reading.  Right now we are going to aim to have a “Coffeehouse Friday” poetry reading each month.  Please let me know if you would prefer Friday, 10/12 or Friday, 10/26.  We will need some volunteers to help organize and promote the event!
  • If you are looking for poems, we have a great mix of poetry books (classic and contemporary), so stop by!!
  • We are going to look into doing a poetry reading for one of our elementary schools as a service project.  Stay tuned for more on this idea.

OK!  That is it for now!  Please come by the library if you want to me or any of your friends to look over your draft of your color poem.  Thank you again for your enthusiasm and love of poetry! 

 Mrs. Hamilton 🙂


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  1. September 14, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    Hey! Look in the upper right hand corner! 🙂

    Mrs. Hamilton

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