“Red” by Lauren S.


Red is the color of hate
A blade held down
By a broken heart
Because the words of another
They could not bear
Upon their weary shoulders

Red is the color of raspberries and our flag
Raspberries feel like
Summer days running wild
With friends
But the flag speaks
Of blood shed
And sorrows born
Because the hate of another
Spilled over our own

Roses should be beautiful
Filled with love
And a symbol of grace
Not wilted and black
With hate and abuse
Lying dying and torn
Like a bleeding heart

Red feels like anger, sorrow, and loss
Red is rage
Towards a brother
Or a crimson river flowing,
Sorrow created
At the expense
Of a lover

Red should feel like trust and love
But it smells like
Rain falling down
Sounds like
Cries floating on the wind
Tastes like

Copyright © 2007, Lauren S.  No part of this work may be reproduced without permission.  Contact Mrs. Hamilton for permission to reproduce this document.


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