“Red” by Rachel L.


Red is the color of glamour, beauty, and happiness,
It’s the twinkle in a lover’s eye,
The scales on the wing of a monarch,
Of ruby red and light violet streaks in the sky.

There are red tulips and red smiles,
Life feels red, loving,
bursting at the seams,
Smiles make my life red,
and blooming flowers surround
my emotions and add their spice to my world.

Red should not be bitter, deceiving, and terrifying,
But exuberant,
unable to be conquered.

Red feels like a warm bug
or a room full of laughing friends,
Or a sunny day that never dims.

Red should feel like Cloud Nine,
But it also looks like dew on a ripe cherry,
A lipstick smudge on a napkin,
A shiny pair of red stilettos,
Red should feel carefree
and omnipotent.

Copyright © 2007, Rachel L.  No part of this work may be reproduced without permission.  Contact Mrs. Hamilton for permission to reproduce this document.


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