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November 28 Meeting Notes!

Reading and Poetry Club Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, 11/28/07

>Both clubs:  Report to the library when your club is called for club photos

> Both clubs:  Volunteering for book fair:  you may volunteer during lunch, before school, or after school.  We need “greeters” and individuals to “float around” during your volunteer time.  Come by the library to sign up for this “job”!

>Both clubs:  We need reliable volunteers to take the “loose change” jars to English teachers every morning by 8:15.  Come by the library to sign up for this “job”!

>Both clubs:  We need reliable volunteers to help count the “loose change” money each day after school.  Come by the library to sign up for this “job”!

>Reading Club:  If you haven’t looked at our club “Library Thing”, surf over and put a review on there.  See Mrs. Fleet for user name and password info! >Reading Club:  Be thinking about a book choice for after the holidays

>Poetry Club—do you still want to try to do a poetry reading/Coffeehouse Friday? We had no participation from club members last time.


Mandatory Poetry Club Meeting, Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There will be a mandatory Poetry Club meeting this Wednesday, November 28, 2007.  You may attend the 8:00 AM meeting OR the 3:25 PM meeting.  We will meet about 15 minutes to discuss your involvement in next week’s book fair.  Thanks!


Let Us Give Thanks for Poetry!


Are you looking for poems that express the sentiments of gratitude and thankfulness this Thanksgiving season? Check out this wonderful new resource from At the Common Table: Poems for Thanksgiving.  This collection reflects a diverse range of authors, including Native American poetry, Langston Hughes, Robert Herrick, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and William Butler Yeats as well as other classic and contemporary poets.


Halloween Treats: Halloween Poems!



Poems about the Underworld

As little demons, ghosts, and devils prepare to roam through the neighborhood, descends into fire and brimstone with a new essay on Poems about the Underworld.  Allow to guide you through the abyss with a frightful collection of poems from Virgil’s Aeneid and Dante’s Inferno to contemporary work by authors such as Louise Glück, Rita Dove, Jack Spicer, and Dana Levin.  On the web at:

Halloween Frightcast

Enter a haunted village where witches stir cauldrons and goblins fill their baskets with enchanted fruit. Listen to spooky readings of poems by Christina Rossetti, Ben Jonson, William Shakespeare on the special podcast for All Hallows Eve.  On the web at:

Poets in the Graveyard

Find out which poets will be haunting your street this Halloween. You won’t need a crystal ball to uncover the authors entombed in your area. Instead, consult’s Guide to Poets’ Graves. Find the jagged boulder that marks Ralph Waldo Emerson’s burial place and locate the library where the ashes of Langston Hughes lie beneath the floorboards. Take a trip to the graveyard to see the spare stone above the final resting place of E. E. Cummings, the tulip-strewn tomb of Sylvia Plath, and the wildly overgrown grave of Walt Whitman.

On the web at:


Poem of the Week: Poems for Autumn


>Are you looking for autumn themed poems?  Check out this page of autumn poems, classic and contemporary, from!


West Georgian Poet Wins $50,000 Whiting Poetry Prize

Paul Guest, a poet and part time teacher at West Georgia University, has won the prestigious Whiting Prize for his poetry for 2007.  Guest, who earned his M.F.A. from Southern Illinois University, was one of 10 American writers who won the prize for showing “exceptional promise” as a writer.  Guest, who has been paralyzed since age 12 from a bike accident, says, “Automatically they think [my work] should be sad because I am disabled,” he says. “At a reading, I think something I wrote is funny but no one laughs, or I laugh and they think, ‘He must be having an emotional fit or seizure.'”My poems are really intimate or seem intimate; I’m good at manufacturing intimacy. Then there’s irony, and my poems have different streaks of it. It would be boring to me if it wasn’t.” 


Ice Cream Sundae Treats: Wednesday, 10/24/07!

As part of our Teen Read Week celebration from 10/22 until 10/26, Mrs. Fleet is hosting an ice cream/sundae bar for members of the Blatant Bibliophiles and The Live Poet Society on Wednesday, October 24 during all three lunch periods.   This special day of treats is to help us celebrate 31 Flavorite Authors during October 2007.  Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Beasley will be assisting Mrs. Fleet with the yummy festivities.