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Color Poem: “Gold” by Kelsey


 Gold is the color heaven,
Of beautiful angels
beneath the brilliant
laughing sun.

There are golden sunsets,
golden stars
Waters that reflect its
Gold feels like
the Home
you never knew you had.
Gold is the color of candlelight
that dances with the glimmering steps
Over the faded pages
of a long-forgotten book,
A story that steals the heart
and shines in the dark of the night.

Gold should be
the color of kings—
the Midas Touch
of power and glory,
But instead it gleams
in the tiniest crack
of a poor
and broken

Gold feels like
and Hope
and Home.
Gold is the path that winds
from Destruction
from Death
To the place where pain is but an echo
of a life laid down
for Love.

Gold should feel like laughter,
a thousand rays of sun
Carrying voices  that whisper and sing
of a shimmering place
But it is Sadness—
Golden tears shed
for the weeping child
who has not heard
its sweet and gentle song
the tears of joy it brings
the strength that stands
for Eternity.

Copyright © 2007, Kelsey S.  No part of this work may be reproduced without permission.  Contact Mrs. Hamilton for permission to reproduce this document.