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“Indigo” by Brett M.


Indigo is the color of self-awareness,
A trip to the mirror to not examine others, but yourself.
Indigo is the color of spirituality,
Thinking out life on your own without others’ thoughts and ideas.
Indigo is the color of individuality,
Realizing you are not just another can waiting to be labeled.

There are indigo oceans and Indigo Girls.
Waves feel fleeting, hypnotizing, and impartial.
The moon piercing through black midnight pushes out anxiety and
If only for that one moment.

Indigo should be comforting and understanding,
Not uncompassionate and critical.

Indigo feels like worthlessness, confusion, and blindness.
Indigo is being swept into the mob and uncertain why.

Indigo should feel like clarity,
But indigo looks like the person you see every day yet
Have no idea who they are.

Copyright © 2007, Brett M.  No part of this work may be reproduced without permission.  Contact Mrs. Hamilton for permission to reproduce this document.