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“Midnight Blue” by Trianna B.

 “Midnight Blue”

Midnight blue is the color of the sky
When the twinkling stars
Floating in a vast sea of mystery
Shine the brightest.
Midnight blue is the bottom of the ocean
Where horrific creatures resideIn blue-black darkness.
It is an enigma both simple and complex,
Drawing you deep within, engulfing you completely
Yet barely allowing you to scratch the surface.  

There are midnight blue shadows
And midnight blue dreams, which will never be understood.
Velvety darkness feels midnight blue.
Midnight blue is the essence of intrigue.  

Midnight blue should invoke thoughts
Of puzzlement, curiosity, interest –
Not of horror and fear.  

Midnight blue feels like jumping into something new,
Taking a blind leap
And not knowing what will happen.
Midnight blue is the color of the unknown.  

Midnight blue should feel like wondrous mystery,
Even though it looks like a shadow
Concealing terror and hysteria. 

Copyright © 2007, Trianna B.  No part of this work may be reproduced without permission.  Contact Mrs. Hamilton for permission to reproduce this document.